“My mom is the best driver!”

Celebrate Mother’s Day with GLS


From left to right: Alice and Vitória from Portugal ; Julia, Katarzyna and Lena from Poland; Antje and Silas from Germany

GLS parcels are delivered by the most amazing mothers all across Europe. To celebrate them, we got the inside scoop from the people who know them best: their children. These sons and daughters are proud of their moms and eager to explain why they’re so good at their jobs.

Silas from Germany told us proudly: “Without my mom, people would not get their parcels and then there would be no presents at Christmas.” Meanwhile, Victória, the daughter of our Portuguese dispatcher, likes to hear her mom take charge. “She makes sure no deliveries are missed”.

Mothers across Europe who work for GLS and its delivery partners must have impressed their kids. Lena, whose mother delivers in Poland, explained why. “I think she meets and gets to know a lot of nice people in her job. I also like the outfits that my mom works in. I think that colour suits her, and she looks beautiful in it.” Glad we have a fan of our new rebranding!

Lena also likes the impact her mother has. “She delivers packages to people, which contain very important things for them. There are different situations – sometimes they need things that you can’t get in a regular store. Some people are in quarantine and can’t leave their homes, then mom can deliver them what they need.”

Vitória, whose mother is a dispatcher in Portugal agrees. When asked if she would like to do what her mom does, she replied, “Yes, because it’s fun to make sure parcels get delivered so people will be happy when they receive them.” She also likes that her mother works during the day “because then she can tell me a story before I go to sleep.”

Lena’s favourite stories are about the animals on her mother’s route. “Lots of doggies reach their paws over the fence, and mom has to greet them and pet them. One Labrador wouldn’t let her go – he kept bringing a stick and mom had to throw it to him. She also has one home in the woods where she recently encountered a whole herd of deer. One deer came very close, and mom was able to take pictures.”

Silas, meanwhile, was most proud of his mother’s driving. “My mom is the best driver in the whole world. She can park the big van really fast. It is amazing.” Lena agrees that her mother is a safe driver because she’s always careful to follow the rules of the road so she can come home safely to her and her sister – sometimes with sweets given to her by a happy customer!

At GLS, we love stories like this because we know our most important role is connecting people and being part of the community. Join these children in sending a big thank you to these moms and all mothers. Happy Mother’s Day!