“My dad is a delivery hero!”

GLS is celebrating Father’s Day


At GLS, we’re celebrating Father’s Day by putting a spotlight on the wonderful fathers who deliver for GLS all over the world. We wanted to know what their children had to say about them – and what they saw of their jobs.

“Once, my dad delivered some goods to a lady in a sweetshop and she gave my dad some sweets and he brought them home to me”, Denis from Romania explained excitedly. “They were delicious!”

From left to right: Alexandru and Denis from Romania; Meyra and Bilal from Germany; Garnett and Liliana, Ariana and Tatianna from Canada.

Meyra, whose father delivers in Germany, wants to do her dad’s job – but only during Christmas. “Because then I am Santa Claus. The most fun is that my dad makes kids happy!”

Denis agrees. “When I grow up, I want to be a courier, just like my dad! I want to be dressed in a blue uniform just like him and make people happy every day! He is cheerful every day, both in the morning when he leaves to work and also in the evening when he comes back. I imagine I would enjoy being a deliveryman and people would be so glad to see me!”

The three daughters of our Canadian driver Garnett were torn, however. They want to take care of animals, but they think their dad’s job looks cool because he gets to drive a truck. Tatiana adds, “I think the best part of my dad’s job is getting to drive and look around at different places and go in the back of the truck to get the packages.”

All of their dads come home with something interesting to tell them about. Meyra told us, “Sometimes, my father has funny stories, but the best was when he was interviewed for the German programme ‘Galileo’ because then he was on TV!” Tatianna told us, “I was jealous of my dad when he told us about seeing kittens and a mommy cat.”

Garnett’s daughters all agree that their dad must be a good driver because he taught their mother. Meyra concedes that her dad is a good driver, but “only with the van!” Denis can’t wait to tell us: “My dad is the best: the best driver, the best deliveryman and the best dad in the world!”

We want to send a big thank you to all the fathers at GLS who are out there connecting people and being part of our local communities. So, let’s join these children in wishing their fathers – and all fathers – a happy Father’s Day!