A brand-new style for the GLS brand

13-12-2021 | AMSTERDAM


You may have noticed that we have updated our brand identity with a new image and tone of voice. At GLS, we always want to be sure that we’re meeting the needs of today’s customers. We know that one thing they need is a recognisable brand, one that will help them see quickly and easily what they’re getting. We’ve spent years building successful relationships with our customers, but we see how fast the market is changing. To adapt to these changing needs, we brainstormed to find a better way of displaying what we stand for. We announced the resulting brand refresh on October 4 and have been gradually rolling it out. But what does this branding mean? And why did we implement it?

The why of it all

We started the brand refresh by thinking about what our customers needed to know. We came up with two things that we felt our brand should communicate. The first is our broad range of services. GLS’ B2B foundation has been augmented by strong B2C services and digital solutions. The second is our customer-centric attitude: we are a company that makes human connections. This personal approach is the basis of our structure of local markets with international access and is now better reflected in our more humanised branding.

We thought about how to make our focus on the customer clear in everything we do. We realised that a new look, one that clearly displayed our values, would make us stand out and help people find us when they’re looking for customer-oriented parcel services. We wanted to be easy to find and even easier to understand.

We developed a credo, to be sure that every person within our network and every person who comes in contact with it would know the same thing. Whether sending or receiving a parcel, we want our customers to see our new branding as a friendly face and a promise for clear communications with great service. All of our communication should come from these two simple ideas: we don’t just deliver parcels but the hopes, dreams and ambitions that are carried inside the boxes. We don’t go from point A to point B but from person to person.

Connecting the dots

From there, we refined our appearance and tone of voice to match. The dots and arrows of our new logo and branding embody our mission of delivering from person to person. The yellow arrow integrated into the G in our names symbolises how the journeys are central to what we do. We punctuate the logo with a bright dot, symbolising our point-to-point mission.

We’re also brightening up our words and colours. We have a new colour scheme of bright blue and yellow, with softer versions of the colours as a secondary palette. These colours make our style approachable and eye-catching. Across the many languages in our network, we’re speaking clearly in a way that’s both engaging and witty. We’re making every point of contact distinctive, memorable and friendly.

Our promise on the road

Our new branding is a promise of great service, with an image that stands out and language that is easy to understand. We’ve unified our international network of local market around our clear promise to customers. We’re so proud to see our new brand in real life - and how our local teams each rolled it out in their own way. Keep your eyes out for our new style in cities and towns, on the highways or lanes, and on clothing or parcel-point displays. And watch this space – there’s so much more to come!