Press releases


GLS invests in European network

The GLS Group has invested more than 100 million euros into development of its European network in the last 12 months. With considerably expanded capacity, the parcel company is well prepared for the peak season.


GLS Group renews and expands certification

The ISO certificates for quality and environmental management at the GLS Group have now been renewed for the next three years. The Europe-wide parcel service provider has also achieved GDP certification for the transportation of medicinal products in two more countries.


GLS launches international returns service

Parcel service provider GLS now offers its ShopReturnService across borders in seven countries. As a result, items ordered from an online shop based abroad can be sent back quickly and easily.


GLS expands international delivery service

Parcel service provider GLS has expanded its international FlexDeliveryService to a total of twelve countries. As a result, online shoppers throughout these countries will be informed of scheduled parcel deliveries, allowing them to decide when and where they want to take delivery of their items – regardless of the country in which they were ordered.


GLS acquires US overnight parcel delivery company, Postal Express

General Logistics Systems B.V. (GLS) today announces that it has acquired the US overnight parcel delivery company, Postal Express Inc.


GLS Group raises ISO certificates to 2015 standards

The GLS Group was one of the first European parcel companies to have its quality and environmental management system audited in line with the new ISO standards, which were revised in autumn 2015.