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Discover parcel logistics in sound and vision.

Download the GLS film, the GLS song and the GLS logo here.

The GLS film

Each day GLS delivers over 1.5 million parcels across Europe. State-of-the-art technology and dedicated employees together characterise the process. Dynamic images convey the message “We deliver – don’t worry!”, providing a visual experience of what reliable parcel shipment with GLS means.


eMobility at GLS

GLS is working on ways to ease the strain on urban infrastructure and reduce emissions on the last mile. Electric vehicles – such as eBikes, eVans and eScooters – are being deployed in more and more countries.


The international GLS brochure

The international GLS brochure

Get to know what GLS stands for and what high-class parcel delivery really means: At home in Europe, always focusing on customer needs and the quality of delivery.


GLS Cover Younique Song

The GLS song

Linking Europe by parcel, with uniform products and uniform high-quality throughout the continent. In the GLS song this is the keynote – with a catchy tune.


The refrain

One Europe, one power, one progress,
Let’s stand together – GLS
One Europe, one power, one success,
Let’s build a future – GLS

GLS Logo negative RGB

GLS logo (negative)

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GLS Logo positive RGB Clearspace

GLS logo (positive)

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