Fuel surcharge

GLS charges a diesel surcharge because fluctuating crude oil prices have a significant impact on the price of transport, and therefore also on parcel delivery costs.

The increasing share of fuel costs in the provision of transport services, in particular courier services, caused by high dynamics and volatility of fuel prices on the wholesale and retail market and changes on the product sales market, directly influence a change in the supply structure in non-urban areas, which made it necessary to verify the structure of calculating the fuel surcharge.

When calculating the diesel surcharge, GLS uses the average diesel prices in Poland as a basis. Depending on the current development, the percentage of fuel surcharge is defined. It is disclosed separately and transparently in invoices.

The current fuel surcharge is published at the beginning of each month.

MonthAverage of diesel
prices per m3 in PLN
Current surcharge
in percent
July4150,31 PLN10 %

Average diesel price and corresponding surcharge on the invoice:

Average of diesel prices per m3 in PLNSurcharge in percent
fromtoshown on invoice
0.003385.037.5 %
3385.043580.048.0 %
3580.053765.058.5 %
3765.063945.069.0 %
3945.074125.079.5 %
4125.084295.0810.0 %
4295.094455.0910.5 %
4455.104625.1011.0 %
4625.114810.1111.5 %
4810.124995.1212.0 %
4995.135180.1312.5 %
5180.145380.1413.0 %
5380,155670.1513.5 %