Service for recipients

Service for recipients

Convenient parcel delivery – easy, quick and reliable: GLS provides information on parcel delivery throughout Europe and introduces the GLS ParcelShop concept.

Parcel delivery

Delivery at home

GLS operates throughout Europe according to uniform standards and delivers parcels reliably.

Consignees can find out delivery and other parcel-related information in several different ways. In many countries they can choose from various delivery options.

GLS ParcelShops

GLS ParcelShop

In several countries GLS has already built up extensive ParcelShop networks.

These are convenient acceptance and collection points for parcels – with long opening times and offering personal service.

Parcel tracking

Tracking your parcel online at any time is easy and comfortable: Simply enter the parcel number.

Tracking a parcel

Parcel redirection

If the first delivery attempt is unsuccessful, recipients in some countries can choose from various delivery options.

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In the case of complaints, recipients can get in touch with GLS online or via the hotline of the respective country.

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