GLS ParcelShops

GLS ParcelShops

Just around the corner: GLS ParcelShops play an important role in the service provided to recipients.

GLS ParcelShops are convenient acceptance and collection points for parcels – with long opening hours, personal service and short waiting times. They are integrated into different types of shops, for example, video rental shops, newsagents, and copy shops.

There are GLS ParcelShops in 14 European countries already, with the number of shops in these countries increasing continuously. In more countries the introduction of the ParcelShop concept is planned.

GLS ParcelShop inside with customer

Convenient for recipients

In many countries ParcelShops can serve as alternative delivery addresses for recipients. This means, if a recipient is not at present at the time of the first delivery attempt, the delivery driver takes the parcel to a GLS ParcelShop nearby.

GLS ParcelShops also make shopping easier for consumers. Online shoppers can have goods delivered directly to a ParcelShop close to where they live or close to their workplace. They select a ParcelShop when ordering online or right after the dispatch process has started. GLS provides this service, for example, in Belgium, Denmark, and Germany.

GLS ParcelShop outside customer

Handy for senders

Senders too benefit from the GLS ParcelShops. The number of returns due to recipients not being present at the time of the delivery attempt declines. Your customers receive their products quickly and reliably. Especially when goods are sent to private households in the growing e-commerce sector, ParcelShops contribute to increasing customer satisfaction.

Of course, companies who only send parcels occasionally and private individuals can hand over their parcels at GLS ParcelShops also. This way they have access to the highly efficient European network of GLS without any contract ties.

GLS ParcelShop delivery of parcels

There are GLS ParcelShops in these countries:

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia