Milestones in the history of GLS

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Partner in India

Gati Limited, one of the leading providers of logistics solutions in India, becomes the new partner of GLS, allowing it to offer high quality delivery services in India too. Gati in turn is able to offer new services in Europe to its customers.


Rebranding in Belgium

ABX Belgium Distribution now operates under the name GLS Belgium Distribution. GLS begins introducing specialised processes for parcels and cargo and has its two companies in Belgium operate from the same building.

Think-Green initiative launched

The GLS Group launches the Think-Green initiative to strengthen European environmental protection activities. The main aims: lower emissions, reduction in the use of resources, use of alternatives and the optimisation of waste disposal.


New partner in Turkey

MNG Kargo becomes the new network partner of GLS in Turkey. The company is the third largest provider in the Turkish CEP market and has a dense delivery network. This cooperation shortens the standard delivery time of GLS in Turkey by one day.


Transaction in Italy

GLS takes over the depots of two franchisees in Padua and Belluno.

Partner in Hong Kong

TF Logistics becomes the new partner of GLS in Hong Kong. The international logistics service provider’s range of services comprises solutions for air and sea freight as well as express delivery services.