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For cars, bikes or motorcycles

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Tyres are among the bulky goods that are sent often. Numerous customers already make use of the opportunity to send tyres with GLS.

The sorting is done by hand

GLS sorts complete wheels and tyres manually in the distribution centres and depots. Due to their size and weight, they are not suitable for the automatic sorting facilities. GLS always sends these unsortable parcels as bulky goods.

Reliable tyre sending with GLS

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Do you want to send tyres or complete wheels commercially? GLS will collect the parcels from you – either within agreed collection periods or via the dispatch system used for business customers, following registration.

To ensure that your parcel arrives safe and intact, please take note of the packaging tips and the maximum permitted parcel size and weight. The combined dimensions of the parcel, i.e. the circumference plus the longest side, can be up to three metres. The weight limits for sending tires are: 40 kilograms domestically (for international express 50 kilograms).

If you have further questions about sending tyres, simply contact your customer adviser at GLS – or your nearest GLS depot.

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The following packaging tips should be kept in mind when sending tyres:

  • When sending tyres, protect them with cardboard or film.
  • Tyres with wheel rims can only be sent completely packaged in cardboard boxes (max. one tyre on rim per parcel).
  • Car tyres without rim can be sent individually or in groups of two – do not exceed the maximum weight of 40 kg domestically (for international express 50 kilograms).
  • If tyres for bicycles and motorcycles are sent together, the height of the parcel may not be greater than the diameter of one tyre.
  • When sending tyres, take particular care to ensure that the parcel label is firmly affixed to the outer packaging.

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