GLS SameDay: order today, receive your parcel tonight

News 12/04/2016

As of now, GLS provides regular senders with delivery on the same evening, available in many cities and regions.

GLS is the first parcel company to provide SameDay delivery using its own parcel network. The new premium service will be initially available in ten urban centres in Germany. Expansion to include more cities and urban centres is being planned.

Premium service for satisfied customers

GLS SameDay is particularly useful, for example if someone announces they are coming to visit spontaneously, or you need shoes to match your outfit for an event that same evening. Internet orders are quick and easy but sometimes you just don’t want to wait until the next day before the goods are delivered.

As long as the article is available in the region and ready for collection at the agreed time, GLS will deliver it the same evening. The fixed delivery time frame of between 17.30 and 22.00 is therefore ideal for working people.

Pioneers in the growing service segment

With its SameDay delivery, GLS is a pioneer in the fast growing market. Currently only 5 per cent of online retailers offer their customers delivery on the same evening, even though market research has discovered that approx. 40 per cent of consumers actively request this service.

More about the premium service