GLS wins parcel test

GLS wins parcel test News 18/12/2014

In the test conducted by the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verbraucherstudien" in co-operation with TV broadcaster N24, GLS impressed with the fastest shipping and good service.

The undercover testers examined nine large parcel and shipping services by sending parcels within Germany, both in metropolitan and rural areas. Some of the parcels were dropped-off at ParcelShops or branches, for others, a collection was ordered mainly via Internet. The overall rating only included providers, which offer both options.

Four criteria with different values determined the result: Service (20 percent of the overall rating), shipping duration (30 percent), shipping quality (20 percent), and prices (30 percent). To improve further in certain areas, GLS will analyse the results in detail .

Major variations were particularly noted for the test parcels’ shipping time. Arriving in just under 17 hours, the GLS parcel was the fastest in the test. The slowest parcel, recorded by another provider, took five days.

The service rating took factors into account such as customer care of test customers, as well as the smooth process of the parcel drop-off at a ParcelShop and parcel collection from occasional senders. The price ratings included domestic and international parcels.

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