GLS Group renews and expands certification

News 04/01/2018

The ISO certificates for quality and environmental management at the GLS Group have been renewed for the next three years. GLS has also achieved GDP certification for the transportation of medicinal products in two more countries.

GLS operating companies in 18 countries had their quality and environmental management systems recertified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001. The certification contributes to the transparency of GLS products and services in the eyes of the customers. The management systems help the national organisations to achieve their environmental and quality goals.

GDP-certified medicinal transport

GLS also obtained GDP (Good Distribution Practice) certification in Denmark and Ireland. The GDP guideline is binding for pharmaceutical wholesalers across the EU. Following Germany and France, GLS companies in four countries now meet the stringent safety and hygiene requirements for the non-temperature-controlled transport of medicinal products for human use.

GLS contracted DQS – one of the largest international providers of management system certification – for almost all the certificates.