Updated General Terms and Conditions of GLS Slovakia

GLS Slovakia has updated the General Terms and Conditions.

New depots in GLS Slovakia

The year 2020 is a turning point for GLS Slovakia also in terms of expanding transport capacities, as well as capacities for processing parcels in our central and local transhipments.


General Terms and Conditions GLS Slovakia

We have released updated our General Terms and Conditions with validity of 1.7.2020

Estafeta becomes GLS partner in Mexico

The GLS Group has expanded its commitment on the American continent with a new partnership. From June 2019, Estafeta will deliver GLS consignments in Mexico and, in a second step, will feed parcels for Europe and North America into the GLS network.


FlexDeliveryService now connects 21 countries

Italy, Portugal, Finland and Bulgaria have recently been added to the international FlexDeliveryService. The number of countries connected across borders via the service thus rises to 21.

Christmas deliveries 2018

Christmastime is also parcel time. To make sure your parcel reaches its recipient on time, we have put together a few tips – for reliable and secure dispatch with GLS.


GLS acquires Canadian parcel delivery company

The GLS Group has acquired the parcel delivery company Dicom Canada and is thus entering the Canadian market.

GLS Group renews and expands certification

The ISO certificates for quality and environmental management at the GLS Group have been renewed for the next three years. GLS has also achieved GDP certification for the transportation of medicinal products in two more countries.


New location for central hub of GLS Slovakia

The parcel service provider is relocating its central hub to new facilities in Budča.

GLS Slovakia publishes report about customer complaints

According to the Law about Postal Services, the Slovakian GLS subsidiary has published a report about customer complaints in 2016. It also states a continuous improvement of the GLS parcel services.