The right delivery solution

GLS offers reliable dispatch services to companies and individuals. Sending a parcel with GLS is comfortable and secure. Transport with GLS includes short standard delivery times nationally and across Europe.

Regular shipment

If you send a large number of parcels, you will need a strong partner with extremely low damage rates, an attractive price-performance ratio and a strong customer focus. GLS fulfils all these criteria.

The highly industrialised parcel and express delivery services of GLS are supported by state-of-the art IT solutions.

Occasional shipment

Companies with smaller volumes and private dispatchers can dispatch their parcels via the GLS ParcelShops and GLS ParcleLockers. In Slovenia, there are about 500 GLS ParcelShops and over 50 ParcelLockers.

They are integrated into other businesses. This means: Parcel shipment just around the corner and no long queues at the counter.

GLS transport – How to ship parcels

GLS dispatch service for business customers: GLS offers companies that send out large numbers of parcels a range of parcel and express products. The products can be combined with additional services. This means dispatch and transport with GLS can be tailored to a customer’s specific need. Standardised but customisable IT customer systems ensure that the delivery process runs smoothly. Continuous shipment tracking, in many countries in real time, provides transparency.

GLS dispatch service for companies with small parcel volumes and private customers: It’s also possible to send parcels via GLS ParcelShops or GLS ParcelLockers. With the shipping calculator, occasional senders can find out the dispatch price for their parcels online. The calculator shows the estimated standard delivery time as well. This makes the calculator a valuable tool to determine how to ship parcels of different sizes to different countries.