Happy customer opening a box

Sameday delivery specifics

-Take advantage of direct delivery to Parcel Locker on the day of the order already in 4 cities: LJ, KP, CE, KR, NM. Your customer receives the parcel on the day of the order.

- If the customer places the order by 12:30 and selects "Same day delivery to the Parcel Locker", he can pick up the parcel the same day at one of the 360 ​​GLS Parcel Lockers. Any of them can become your pickup point.

Interesting information: More than 73% of customers pick up the parcel on the same day!

- Pick-up at Parcel Locker without fees. Card payment enabled.

- Delivery to Parcel Locker (or PUDO points) is cheaper than classic delivery and at the same time green delivery (fewer kilometers traveled for delivery to the recipient).

A woman delivering a parcel

Development of sameday delivery

We have been offering the SameDay delivery service since November 2020. It started with delivery to Ljubljana and its surroundings. The solution has spread to four Slovenian cities. Later in 2023 the SameDay delivery service is planned for Maribor also.

This means that the customer will order a parcep from an online store somewhere in Slovenia (e.g. until 12.30 p.m.), and around 5 p.m. he will be able to pick it up in Maribor at the nearest GLS Parcel Locker.

Pick up of the parcel from a Parcel Locker

The advantages of sameday delivery

-Same-day delivery in Slovenia still represents a competitive advantage, as not all online retailers offer the service

-The price of same-day delivery does not change according to the weight of the package, but is fixed for all sizes and weights

- On the website, the provider selects products for which same-day delivery is possible. Integration on the website is not necessary, as it is a minor development

-All analyzes show that the speed allowed is one of the most important factors influencing the purchase decision, user experience evaluation and repeat purchase decision.