Parcel collection

in a GLS ParcelShop or GLS ParcelLocker

If the sender activated the FlexDeliveryService you have the possibility to redirect the parcel to a GLS ParcelShop or GLS ParcelLocker. Parcel collection will then be possible for the next five working days in a ParcelShop or for the next four working days in a ParcelLocker.

When picking up the parcel in a ParcelShop, you have to identify yourself. To do so, you need a valid identity card or passport.

When you collect the parcel from a ParcelLocker, you will need the access code provided to you by text message or e-mail.

Use the location finder to get more information about the opening hours and the locations.


What is a GLS ParcelShop?

GLS ParcelShops are parcel dispatch and parcel collection points. They are located in all kinds of different stores (shop-in-shop system), so waiting times are usually very short. In Slovenia there are over 500 GLS ParcelShops where you can pick up your parcels. Each one is open weekdays between 10.00 and 18.00 at the very least. Many stores with integrated ParcelShops also open earlier or are open later in the evening so parcel collection is very easy.

What is a GLS ParcelLocker?

GLS ParcelLocker are convenient dispatch and delivery points as well as a temporary storage room. They are located in high-density areas, for example in front of large supermarkets or gas stations. Recipients can choose a ParcelLocker as collection point for their parcels. Parcels will be available from the lockers for four working days – 24 hours a day. There are eleven ParcelLockers throughout Slovenia.

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