Shipping tips

Ensure safe arrival

Shipment information

Goods must be packed well so that they arrive intact. Sturdy cardboard, inner padding and strong tape all offer good protection. The right packaging helps to safeguard the contents of your parcels during automatic sorting and transportation.

All that is then needed is the correct address on the dispatch label and the parcel is ready to send.

According to the terms and conditions of GLS, a parcel may weigh up to 40kg and its combined length and girth may be up to three metres.

Size and weight

To enable fast and economical delivery, parcel carriers use automatic sorting systems. Parcels are not allowed to exceed certain dimensions and weights so that they move smoothly on the conveyor belts.

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Europe in a parcel

Individuals and companies who dispatch parcels occasionally can send them to most EU countries with GLS. International scheduled transports and dense national networks ensure short delivery times.

Destination and times
More about packaging and parcel shipment

Packing material provides the best protection when it is suited to the item weight and type. Choosing the right material is therefore crucial. In order to be able to offer high quality services at a fair price, GLS consolidates parcels for transportation. During transshipment, automatic conveyor systems are used for sorting. Good packaging is able to absorb knocks and vibrations, ensuring that parcels reach their destination safe and sound.

But it’s not just the packing material that counts. The transport conditions too need to be taken into account. These include: The parcel may weigh up to 40 kg, and the combined length and girth may measure up to three metres. Bundled parcels can be loosened by vibrations during transport. For this reason, parcels should always be sent separately in accordance with the shipping terms.