Regular shipment

The right parcel dispatch solution

GLS offers companies a range of shipment solutions for parcel and express products. The standard parcel products can be used for national or international parcel dispatch and come with short standard shipment times across Europe, nationally within 24 hours. Express parcels can be sent within Romania and reach their destination even faster.

The products can be combined with additional services. Senders can choose a product and combine it with a shipment service that suits their delivery requirements.

For the shipment of goods to private households, GLS has a range of services that assure that the parcel will reach its recipient.

This means parcel dispatch can be tailored to a customer’s specific needs. Continuous shipment tracking, in many countries in real time, provides transparency.

The above mentioned information is available only for contractual collaborations with businesses.

Parcel dispatch systems

Standardised yet adaptable IT parcel dispatch systems ensure that the shipment process runs smoothly. Parcel dispatch also means having to manage large amounts of data professionally. The proven IT solutions of GLS can be customised for your business, your IT systems and your current needs. Manage all relevant shipment information, create your labels and track your parcels online or integrate a parcel dispatch system into your system.

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