Always at your service: GLS ParcelLockers

Sending parcels whenever it suits you: GLS ParcelLockers make consignors independent of shop hours.

Senders can use the ParcelLockers to deposit parcels for shipment with GLS. After preparing and paying for the consignments online, parcels can be placed in a ParcelLocker nearby. GLS will then pick up the parcels for distribution.

With standard dimensions of 2 x 2 meters, each ParcelLocker provides 20 boxes in three different sizes. The ParcelLockers are solidly built, with multiple levels of security and surveillance. They are located in high-density areas.

Shipping tips

Well packed and labelled properly – this is how your parcel arrives reliably. A good dispatch preparation is essential and helps GLS to deliver your parcels safe and sound.

Packing materials and more

Online parcel dispatch

With GLS, occasional senders can dispatch their parcels online – easily and comfortably. No software is needed, after a quick registration consignors can start immediately.

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