Committed to the future

GLS is deploying targeted measures to ensure all its parcel operations are environmentally friendly. The goal is to use resources as efficiently as possible and to optimise processes.


GLS is increasing fuel efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Its entire vehicle fleet is being gradually converted to more environmentally-friendly models, including the vehicles belonging to its transport contractors and its own company cars.

Transportation planning

GLS uses modern, IT-based planning tools to improve operational processes and transport procedures. Transport routes are systematically minimised through optimised route planning.


Green construction for GLS: Green aspects are explicitly taken into account when building new and replacement buildings as well as extensions. Rain water harvesting and photovoltaic systems, recyclable building materials and heat pump heating are used where possible.

Other activities

GLS is improving almost all its procedures to make them more eco-friendly, including switching to digital invoices, delivery run sheets and receipts throughout Europe. Videoconferencing is reducing the number of business trips undertaken.