ThinkSocial – social responsibility

For people of today and tomorrow

People of different ethnic origin, culture, religion or belief work at GLS and for GLS. Appreciation, respect and understanding in the interaction with employees and partners are some of the most important principles of the Group.

An intensive exchange with all transport partners, who serve the last mile for GLS in the pickup and delivery of parcels, is an integral part of the cooperation.

Staff development is a fundamental key to ensuring long-term success for the company and its employees.

Furthermore, it is very important for the management and staff to support people in need of help. GLS companies throughout Europe promote selected initiatives within their social environment.

Training and professional development

GLS is committed to the training and development of next generation employees with a substantial and practice-oriented vocational training. For existing employees, the GLS Group offers individual professional development opportunities and leadership openings.

Social activities

GLS uses its country-specific structures to promote selected initiatives in the respective areas. The GLS subsidiaries support various charity projects through national and regional activities.

Examples include but are not limited to free parcel transportation for charities, and sponsorships of foundations for people with mental or physical disabilities. On a local level, many GLS depots support kindergartens, schools, hospitals, hospices and other non-profit organizations financially.

Culture and sports sponsoring

Since 2012, the GLS Group is the official logistics partner of the European Film Academy and carries out transports in connection with the European Film Awards. GLS Germany is the logistics partner of the German Film Academy and is active for the German Film Awards and for the newcomers’ film award FIRST STEPS.

GLS Belgium is sponsoring the Belgian national football team, combining this with social commitment. Staff, partners and people with handicaps are invited to each home game of the team. In many countries GLS depots promote local sports clubs.