ParcelShop owner

On site for GLS

Expand your range of services

Become a GLS ParcelShop owner and offer high-quality parcel services as part of your business. With GLS you can expand your customer base and secure an additional revenue source.

If your business is well connected and has customer-friendly opening hours, you can be up and running in next to no time. Apply today and let GLS help you expand your service offer.

  • Expanded service range
  • New customers
  • Additional revenue source
  • Increased customer loyalty

Managing your ParcelShop:

  • You advise your clients on all matters relating to parcel shipments.
  • You accept parcels from senders.
  • You take over parcels for recipients who were not at home and hold the parcels ready for pickup.
  • You accept parcels recipients wish to return to senders.
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