GLS ParcelShops

The easy way to send parcels

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Company or private individual – everybody can dispatch parcels from GLS ParcelShops.

In Portugal there are 300 GLS ParcelShops. The ParcelShops are integrated into existing shops and businesses of all kinds. All of them are open between 9.00 and 18.00; many are open for longer and on weekends.

Send your parcels now with GLS. You are bound to find a GLS ParcelShop near you.


  • Dispatch parcels right around the corner
  • No long queues at the counter
  • Long opening times
  • Simple pricing
  • Liability for the value of the goods, up to € 250 per parcel
  • Up-to-the-minute online consignment tracking
  • Signature on delivery

GLS ParcelShop prices

How much it costs to send a parcel
from GLS ParcelShops depends on their size.

To determine the size, the longest and
the shortest side of the parcel are
measured and added together.

This then determines whether the
parcel is XS, S, M, L or XL. A parcel sent via a
GLS ParcelShop can weigh up to a maximum of
40 kg, regardless of its size.

Detailed price list

XSmax. 35 cm€ 6.50
Smax. 50 cm€ 7,05
Mmax. 65 cm€ 9,55
Lmax. 80 cm€ 15,00
XLmax. 3 m girth*€ 15,15

Portuguese Islands surcharge- 24,90 €

*Circumference of the parcel plus the longest side (maximum length: 2 m, maximum height: 60 cm, maximum width: 80 cm)

Shipping tips

Well packed and labelled properly – this is how your parcel arrives reliably. A good dispatch preparation is essential and helps GLS to deliver your parcels safe and sound.

Packing materials and more

Open a ParcelShop

As a ParcelShop owner you will be offering GLS parcel services in your store or office and will thereby acquire new customers and generate additional revenue.

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