New GLS company starts in Croatia

News 01/08/2013

On 1 August GLS Croatia commenced operations – with nationwide 24 hour service and fast international connections.

One month after Croatia joined the EU, GLS is present across the country with its own network. The company is well prepared to meet the growing demand for just-in-time deliveries, which is to be expected as a consequence of the broken down customs borders. GLS places great emphasis on being able to offer international customers in the Eastern and Southern EU markets short delivery times and comprehensive services.

The company will initially span four locations in Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Osijek, which were set up since the company’s founding in late May. The GLS Group had previously serviced Croatia as part of a co-operation with a network partner.

Good network, short delivery times

The depot near Zagreb (Popovec) also serves as a national distribution centre – equipped with modern security technology and a parcel sorting system in accordance with GLS standards. Right from the start, GLS is delivering national parcels in Croatia with a standard delivery time of 24 hours. Many additional services, such as cash on delivery and notifying private recipients of imminent deliveries, are also available from the outset.

As of September, international GLS daily transports are routed through Zagreb, too. From Croatia, GLS delivers to countries like Hungary and Slovenia with standard times of 24 to 48 hours. Just as quickly, parcels from these countries arrive in Croatia. From the European hub in Neuenstein exported parcels to Croatia are generally delivered within 72 hours.

Successful start-ups in Eastern Europe

GLS Croatia is already the fourth start-up company by GLS in this region, following those in Slovakia (2004), the Czech Republic (2005) and Romania (2007). GLS has been present in Hungary with its own company since 1999, and in Slovenia since 2000. Gergely Farkas, Managing Director GLS Europe East, manages these companies and also the new GLS subsidiary.

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