GLS publishes second sustainability report

News 18/01/2016

In its report “ThinkGLS. ThinkResponsible.” GLS provides information about its numerous sustainability activities in all its national subsidiaries.

The GLS Group continued these activities in the 2013/14 and 2014/15 financial years on an even wider basis. In focus: the agreement of economic, environmental and social issues.

Eco footprint: good progress

Thanks to environmental activities in all its divisions, GLS improved its eco-balance in numerous categories, even though the volume of parcels increased by nearly 15 per cent and GLS expanded its network by 21 new depots and about 1,000 vehicles.

  • Consumption of heating energy: dropped by just under 9 per cent
  • Water consumption: around 23 per cent less
  • Transport vehicles with the Euro 4 standard and above: rose from around 77 to 84 per cent

Expansion of social activities

National subsidiaries of GLS support charitable local projects throughout Europe. The sustainability report provides a comprehensive overview of the Group’s social and fundraising activities.

GLS secures and increases the attractiveness of its workplaces, for instance through national training and professional development as well as through staff surveys. “Depot dialogues”, joint events and partnership programmes help to encourage a spirit of partnership when working with transport companies.

Fostering dialogue

The GLS sustainability report is oriented on the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). It is published every two years and contributes to dialogue between GLS, its dialogue groups and all stakeholders.

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