Informação COVID19 – Coronavírus

Public health emergency

Blocked postal code areas here!At the moment (in Portugal) we have no record of any diagnosed cases but we’re doing an extra effort to ensure that everyone respects the preventive measures implemented to avoid any contagion scenario, according to DGS recommendations.

Our priority now is the safety of our employees, our drivers, our customers and consignees.

We want to thank to all of our employees, our drivers and our agencies for their dedication. And to all our customers for their trust and understanding in this complicated situation.

Currently, there is no zip code in Europe that is blocked for deliveries oder pickups.

Florence - Italy


With reference to the current health emergency COVID-19, here to inform you that yesterday our national Hubs of Florence weren’t operational.

This could lead to delays on all our national network: Sardinia island is the area that will suffer the biggest delays as it is linked to one of Florence hubs.

Corsica - France


Due to a lack of drivers,we will face delays of around +4 days transit to an area of 4 zip codes in CORSICA.

Postcodes : 20200, 20290, 20600, 20620

France information


The situation in Paris remains at risk and the following weeks (4 days weeks) will require to manage capacities. We request to retain parcels again for next week in Paris. Significant delays are expected .

We will be forced to open our network to deliver the backlog in the bankholiday of 08/05/2020 (no outbound, only delivery).

Madeira Island information


A sanitary fence bordering the entire postal code of the 9300. This situation was implemented by the regional government of Madeira.

We're only able to delivery on postal code 9325.

Kilos Information


For the international countries it will be temporarily allowed as a maximum load of weight of 31,5 kg. More than this weight, will not be allowed. All the deliveries with more than 30 kilos will be returned to the sender automatically.

Between Portugal and Spain the maximum weight is 40kg.

France Information


For the continuation of the Operations in this Covid-19 situation, the recipient's telephone number, for B2B (an effective number) and for B2C becomes mandatory so that we can more easily notify the recipient and contact him in order to carry out the delivery of your parcels successfully. In addition, having the email address systematically available will also ensure the best interaction with your recipient.

Mazarrón and Cartagena (Spain) Information


Due to heavy rains in the area of Mazarrón and Cartagena, the following zip codes may suffer some delays in pickups and deliveries:

30391, 30590, 30591, 30592, 30593, 30595, 30700, 30709, 30710, 30739 and 30740

Benelux information


New change in the return process: The service to B2C continues with the normal process. However, to B2B, it will return to the sender.

And more than 30 kilos of weight, will not be allowed.



The CashService is back! Our service is available to our clients again!

Please follow the instruction here!

Italy new information


We are daily updating the list of forbidden zone to inform all of our clients about this undeliverable areas to avoid many parcels to be sent and returned.

These parcels are immediately stopped after the unloadin.

Please check the forbidden zone everyday.

Croatia Information


Croatian authorities ordered closure of all non-essential businesses, as well as all shops in shoping malls which are not essential for everyday needs.

This means that the following businesses  are opened at the moment:

· supermarkets

· food shops (for example – shops selling special foods, like bio foods)

· pharmacies

· pet shops

· child care shops

· drugstores

· opticals

· tobacco shops

· newsstands

We recommend informing your shippers that prior to sending shipments to Croatia, it's advisable to check delivery options directly with consignees, because in case of inaccessibility of the delivery address, parcels will be returned to shipping addresses without delay.

Some areas of Zagreb, for security, after last week earthquake, there are some restrictions and it will not be possible to provide delivery and / or pick-ups as well.

Portugal information


GLS Portugal continues to create new actions that we believe that can reduce the contagion. Our website is constantly updated and this way we can be in constant communication .

To protect the health of all our drivers and consignees to do our deliveries and pick-ups we need to respect the distance recommended by the DGS (1 meter of distance)

Spain information

18-03-2020 - update

Last update:

Following the health emergency, there are restricted measures issued by health and government authorities to reduce the risk of infections in Spain as well and the commercial stores are closed except the ones to buy food and pharmacies and some exceptions that you can find in Spanish Law 463/2020 of 14.03.2020. Deliveries to Parcelshops in Spain are suspended.

15.03.2020 information:

To GLS is not possible to do any delivery or any pick-up anymore in the following postal codes:



30877,30878,30879,30880 and 30889

As long as this situation remains, we recommend you to do any shipment to these areas mentioned above. All the parcels that you sent to the mentioned postal codes will be returned immediately.

To circumstances beyond our control may occur in the coming days.

Italy information


GLS Portugal has a service in 45 countries. Italy is one of the European countries with the highest virus records at the moment. Following the health emergency, there are restricted measures issued by health and government authorities to reduce the risk of infections. In this case, all the commercial stores in the country were closed, except the groceries stores and pharmacies, this way is impossible to make any deliveries or pick-ups at commercial addresses (B2B). Deliveries to private recipients are still possible (B2C).

However, to GLS is not possible to do any delivery or any pick-up anymore in the following postal codes:

24000 to 24100

83000 to 83100

40000 to 40100

16000 to 17100

23800 to 23900

46000 to 46100

85000 to 85100

89000 to 89100

84000 to 84100

We inform as well that we have some depots partly blocked due to working staffs and drivers absent. Please consider this following involved depot and zip code:

Torino, Pescarito, Orbassano, Trofarello, Ivrea depot 10xxx (complete Torino area)

Pero depot M101 (closed) zip code  20xxx

Genova G1 and Chiavari G103 depot (partly closed)  zip code 16xxx

Roma R3 depot (partly closed)  001xx

Rovato RT depot (partly closed) zip code 25xxx

Mantova V2 depot (partly closed)  zip code 46xxx

Reggio Emilia E5 depot (partly closed)  42xxx

Pavia M7 depot (partly closed)  27xxx

Terni TR depot (partly closed)  051xx

Rieti RI depot (partly closed)  021xx

Bologna E3 and Sala E301 depot (partly closed)  40xxx

Civesio M104 (partly closed)

Rho M4 (partly closed)

Milano M1 (partly closed)

Ardeatina R3 (partly closed)

Brescia BS e Manerbio BS01 (partly closed)

Verona V1 e Cerea V101 (partly closed)

Pavia M7 (partly closed)

Pescara PE (partly closed)

As long as this situation remains, we recommend you to dont´t do any shipment to these areas mentioned above. Circumstances beyond our control may occur in the coming days.

Austria information

16-03-2020 - update

The following zipcodes will not be served for the next two weeks because of the imposed quarantine.

St. Anton, St. Christoph und St.Jakob - 6580,Tobadill - 6552,See - 6553,Kappl - 6555,

Ischgl - 6561,Mathon - 6562,Galtür - 6563,Heiligenblut - 9844