Recruitment at GLS

What happens after you applied

Once GLS has received your application, the recruitment team will review your CV and references to make sure that you skills match the requirements of the open position. Recruiting involves different steps, in which you will usually meet a representative of the HR department and a potential superior.

Getting started: Convince us

All applications are assessed on an equal basis and according to the criteria for the respective position. If your profile matches the desired requirements, GLS will contact you and invite your for an interview.

The interview is a way for both sides to get to know one another. GLS will ask about your skills, previous experience and career objective. Likewise, the interview gives you the opportunity to ask GLS any questions you have, for example, about the company, career growth or work style.

Getting in-depth: Show us what you’ve got

The next step depends on the position you applied for. GLS will usually invite you back for a second interview and in it, for example, test your command of foreign languages or ask how you will handle situations in your future job.

In some cases, GLS may ask you to complete a psychological test or other assessment tests, which allows us to evaluate your abilities further.

Getting an offer: Job and employment details

GLS will make an offer to the candidate who meets the requirements of the position best. If you are the one, we will discuss job details. Both sides present their expectations, define the scope of responsibilities and discuss the terms of the employment.

Personal data and data protection

All applications sent in paper form to GLS Poland are kept in confidence and in accordance with the act of protection and processing of personal data. Applications sent electronically are automatically removed together with their attachments within six months after submission.