Prohibited items

Goods excluded from shipping via ParcelShops and ParcelVans

ParcelShop and ParcelVan customers are asked to make sure that their shipment of goods is in line with the terms and conditions of GLS.

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Items not to be shipped in parcels

GLS cares for your parcels. We deliver them safe and sound in the fastest possible way. Please support us by not sending goods violating our terms and conditions. Sending prohibited items might entail serious consequences through customs, police and other authorities. Additionally, it might endanger our employees.

GLS especially points out that the following items, amongst others, are prohibited from shipping via ParcelShops and ParcelVans:

  • pyrotechnics and other flammable and explosive materials
  • cigarettes and tobacco
  • alcohol

A full list of prohibited items can be found in the ParcelShop terms and conditions under art. V. point 1.

ParcelShop terms and conditions

Legal consequences

Senders violating the terms and conditions of GLS by sending excluded goods are fully and financially liable for any damages it may cause. This includes damage to other parcels as well as buildings, equipment, vehicles and employees of GLS.