GLS keeps recipients updated about their parcel delivery per mail – free of charge for senders and recipients.

The vast majority of recipients are pre-informed about the delivery date including, in most cases, a three-hour time window in which the parcel will be delivered. This makes it easier for them to plan with the delivery or to contact GLS to arrange for an alternative delivery date or time if necessary.

The InfoService is activated automatically – provided the sender submits the e-mail address of the recipient along with the parcel data. If GLS receives a mobile phone number as well, the recipient will be informed about GLS’s next step via text message in case the delivery cannot take place as planned – for example if the parcel is taken to a ParcelShop.

All messages about international parcels are send in English, French, Italian, German or Czech depending on the recipient’s home country.

  • Free of charge
  • Recipients receive information about the preparation and dispatch of the parcel
  • Easy for recipients to arrange for an alternative delivery date or time
  • More direct deliveries and customer satisfaction
  • Automatically activated if recipient’s e-mail address is submitted to GLS
  • Text messages are sent if home delivery is not possible
  • For international shipment, messages also in English, French, Italian, German and Czech

Bookable for:


The basic product for national parcel delivery.


The basic product for Europe-wide parcel delivery.


Delivery before 10.00 or 12.00 the next working day in Poland.