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You can easily find out how much sending your parcel will cost using the shipping calculator of GLS. Prices are for dispatch via GLS ParcelShops only. A parcel for shipment within Poland may weigh up to 31.5 kg and up to 40 kg for shipment abroad.

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The combined length and girth is calculated as follows: Combined length and girth = 2x height + 2x width + 1x longest side (When shipping with GLS the maximum combined length and girth is 3 m. In addition a maximum of 200 cm in length may not be exceeded.)


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The GLS shipping prices are based on the parcel size. Parcel size = longest side + shortest side of the parcel. The size categories: XS = max. 35 cm S = max. 50 cm M = max. 65 cm L = max. 80 cm XL = max. 3 m combined length and girth* * combined length and girth = girth of the parcel plus longest side (max. height = 60 cm, max. width = 80 cm, max. length = 200 cm)

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Simple and convenient: send your parcel online via the GLS dispatch portal (if available in your country)!
More on the shipping calculator

The GLS shipping calculator is an online tool to calculate postage for parcels. It allows you to find out how much sending your specific parcel will cost.

With GLS the actual postage for parcels does not depend on the weight but on the size. There are five different size categories: XS, S, M, L and XL. After you have measured your parcel, simply enter the dimensions into the shipping calculator. The calculator automatically determines the size category, which in return determines the postage for your parcel.

You also specify the place of dispatch (i.e. the place where you wish to hand over your parcel) and the destination. The shipping calculator will then display how long delivery will approximately take – useful additional information for your dispatch planning.