Third sustainability report of the GLS Group

News 23/03/2018

The GLS Group has published its latest sustainability report, giving a comprehensive overview on progress and challenges.

Economic considerations, environmental and climate responsibility and social issues are at the heart of the sustainability report. It presents developments in the 2015/16 and 2016/17 financial years under the title “ThinkGLS. ThinkResponsible”.

Compliant with GRI guidelines

GLS reports in accordance with the G4 guidelines published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which means, for example, carrying out a materiality analysis. Together with internal and external stakeholders, GLS thus identified the key areas for action in terms of sustainability.

Innovative urban logistics

First and foremost, GLS is working to minimise the ecological impacts of parcel transport. One key area in this regard is urban logistics, the aim being to ease the strain on urban infrastructures whilst reducing both emissions and noise. GLS city depots, coupled with e-bikes and electric vans, are helping to achieve this aim.

Responsible and committed

The report also covers the various forms of social commitment in different countries. These projects are often directly linked to parcel services: volunteering days, support for fund-raising campaigns, free transports for charitable organisations or sponsorships of sporting or cultural events.

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