GLS is the new sponsor of Poland’s National Speedway Team

News 15/02/2017

Courageous, fast and tremendously successful – the Speedway riders are among the most victorious and popular Polish athletes. From now on, the GLS logo will be displayed on the bikes, the apparel of the riders as well as in the stadiums.

Speedway draws regularly big crowds to the stadiums and has a very loyal fan base in Poland. And that is hardly surprising in view of the Polish national team winning prestigious titles on a regular basis.

“We are impressed with the dedication and passion of the athletes – qualities that are also essential for a fast and reliable parcel service in a modern, mobile society”, says Tomasz Kroll, Region Manager Poland at GLS. “That’s why GLS and Speedway are an excellent fit.” The parcel service provider is the Poland National Speedway Team’s official sponsor from this year onwards.

Speedway’s coming home

The sponsorship starts right in the year the Speedway World Team Cup Final will take place in Poland again – enthusiastically embraced by hundreds of thousands of Polish fans. Experts see very good chances for a great home field victory and GLS Poland wants to make sure that riders will have the best conditions possible to prepare for the races.

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