Secure delivery with GLS Poland

News 24/03/2020

In the face of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, GLS Poland has prepared additional opportunities through which recipients can receive parcels in a safe way.

Recipients have the following options at their disposal:

  • Delivery of a package to a safe place using the FlexDeliveryService.

Thanks to it, each Recipient whose e-mail address was provided by the Sender issuing the address label for the shipment, will receive an e-mail with a link enabling selection of the delivery option. After clicking on the provided link, the recipient doesn’t only have an opportunity of changing the address or date of delivery for free, but also has the option of granting permission for leaving the parcel without a signature at the delivery address. Thanks to this, the package can be delivered e.g. to the door or to the terrace. The designated place must, however, be secured, among others against access by third parties or rain.

  • Delivery with confirmation of package receival using a PIN code.

If the Sender provides us with the Recipient's phone number and uses the InfoCourierService, the recipient will receive an SMS with the courier's phone number and a four-digit code by which she/he will be able to collect the parcel without having to sign for it on the scanner. As a result, delivery will also be possible, e.g. through the door, if the Recipient is quarantined.