New service simplifies communication

News 30/11/2018

The new InfoCourierService provides delivery information for recipients. It also enables them to directly contact the delivery driver to coordinate delivery details.

It couldn’t be easier: The sender of a parcel – for example an online shop – books the new service and sends the recipient’s phone number to GLS. On the day of the parcel’s delivery, an SMS is sent to the recipient, announcing the upcoming delivery. If the shipment is a cash on delivery parcel, the SMS also informs the customer of the amount to be paid upon delivery.

The SMS also transmits the cell phone number of the respective delivery driver. So, if the recipient wishes to arrange details with the delivery driver, they can make direct contact. There is no need to call the sender or the GLS hotline.

Beneficial for all parties involved

On request, the delivery driver can for example deliver the parcel to a certain neighbour if nobody will be at home to accept it. The courier can also contact the recipient should he or she have a problem with the delivery – maybe because of an incomplete address.

As a result, the InfoCourierService will in many cases shorten the delivery time. It will reduce the number of enquiries sent to senders’ customers’ service. And it will contribute to the satisfaction of online shoppers.

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