GLS supports the Lion Run

News 05/06/2018

Dedicated to sports and to the community: GLS Poland is the main sponsor of the Lion Run, taking place near their headquarters in Poznań.

On June 3, more than 3.500 athletes participated in the Lion Run in Tarnowo Podgórne near Poznań. The event, organized by the Lion Running Association, offers challenges for many age groups. The main distance is a half-marathon, which is complemented by several runs over shorter distances.

Bringing people together

GLS Poland, as the main partner, took care of attractions for the whole family. In the special GLS zone there were numerous animations for the youngest, free cotton candy and interesting prizes. Hostesses distributed notification cards on the event area, entitling to receive parcels with company gadgets.

The main goal of the Lion Run is not sporting success, but bringing together sportspersons and spectators, young and old, residents and visitors. They can all enjoy the cosy atmosphere of the small town and a large selection of international food specialties.

GLS supports sport

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