GLS Poland sponsored 8th Lion Run

GLS Lion Run
News 27/06/2019

Bringing together the whole community with sports: GLS Poland was one of the main sponsors of the 8th Lion Run, taking place annually in Tarnowo Podgórne near Poznań.

Organized by the Lion Running Association, the event on May 18 and 19 offered sporting activities for everyone, including children and people with disabilities. The main distances were a half marathon and a 10 km run, the Pogoń za Lwem. For the first time a two-day festival, the Lion Run also left room for many family-related activities.

GLS Poland supported the event by providing attractions for athletes as well as fans. The parcel service provider offered free photos for all the participants, taken by a professional photographer.

In a special GLS fan zone, there were games available for children. Moreover, visitors had the possibility to make their own fruit drink for free using special blender bikes. Additionally, GLS distributed theme-related sticky tattoos and gave out sweets as well as leaflets allowing people to ship a parcel containing a GLS gadget.

The numerous participants and attractions made the sporting event a highlight.

Watch impressions of the Lion Run