Parcel information via e-mail

Be aware early on and influence delivery

GLS informs parcel recipients b via e-mail about the delivery and gives them the opportunity to choose from a wide range of delivery options – and this even before and also while the parcel is on its way.

You will receive ordered goods faster and more conveniently because you can influence the place and time of delivery. You avoid that a parcel is delivered when nobody is present to accept it.

Your benefits at a glance

  • You already receive information before shipment has started
  • You are informed about the estimated time frame of delivery in advance
  • You can directly access your delivery options via the link in the e-mail (provided in the national language of the country in which the recipient resides)
  • You do not have to register or log in
  • You can choose from a wide range of delivery options with just a few clicks

First e-mail – when the goods are ready for dispatch

The company you ordered from prepares your parcel and will send the parcel data to GLS as well as your e-mail address – if you have agreed to this (via the terms and conditions or during the ordering process). You will receive an e-mail informing you about the usual delivery time and, in most cases, the estimated daytime of delivery. The specified time window comprises three hours. If you can see that nobody is present at that time to accept the parcel, you can already choose other delivery options.

Second e-mail – when the parcel is on its way

As soon as GLS collects the finished parcel at the sender, it is possible to determine the day of delivery. You will then receive a second e-mail, in which the estimated delivery date and once again the estimated time frame is given. This information is based on experience, but not binding, because it may happen that trucks or delivery vans get caught up in traffic jams.

Further e-mails – after delivery or delivery attempt

Even after the delivery, GLS keeps you informed about the status of your parcel. This is done regardless of whether you have selected a delivery option

You receive the following information:

  • parcel has been delivered to the desired address
  • parcel has been placed at the desired location (also available for parcels to several European countries),
  • parcel has been delivered to the desired GLS ParcelShop
  • parcel could not be delivered
  • parcel has been delivered alternatively to a GLS ParcelShop
  • parcel has been delivered alternatively to a neighbour

How to get the options for your parcel

In the e-mails, you find links to the delivery options on the GLS website or in the mobile applicaton. The links leads you directly to the possibilities for the parcel mentioned in the e-mail. You do not have to register, but can immediately choose between different options on the page that appears.

For example, you can pick a day for delivery or redirect the parcel – to another address or to a GLS ParcelShop.

More about the delivery options

Important notice

GLS will send e-mails to you, if the sender of the goods – for example an online shop – has created the necessary conditions, i.e. has forwarded your e-mail address to GLS and uses one of the dispatch systems of GLS.