Truck toll

In the Netherlands, vehicles or vehicle combinations whose permitted total weight exceeds 12 tons have to pay a road toll when using motorways.

The Dutch road network is part of the Eurovignette, a common road toll system that is currently valid in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden and Denmark. It is a time based system. The distance travelled does not influence the charge per vehicle. Heavy vehicles that transit one of these countries are also required to have a vignette.

When the system was introduced in 1995, Germany and Belgium were also Eurovignette countries. In 2005, Germany introduced an own distance based truck toll system.

Since April 2016, the Eurovignette is no longer valid in Belgium. The Belgian government employs a separate truck toll system. The introduction of the system has led to increased transport costs for international and transit shipments. The Netherlands are especially affected because of the close trade relations within the Benelux region.

The new truck toll system in Belgium

The Belgian road toll is charged for all main roads and many secondary roads within the regions of Flanders and Wallonia. In the Brussels-Capital Region, all roads are subject to a road toll. All freight vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tons are required to pay the toll.

The amount of the toll charge is based on the distance travelled. Additional influencing factors are the region (Flanders, Wallonia or Brussels), the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVC) and the European emissions class (Euronorm standard). Every heavy goods vehicle on Belgian roads must have a working On Board Unit (OBU), which connects it to the system.

GLS Netherlands passes on this road toll to its customers. A fixed percentage is charged for all freight shipments to or from Belgium or Luxembourg.

Due to the high density of the GLS network, GLS Netherlands charges an amount of only 5% percent per shipment to or from Belgium and Luxembourg.

A toll surcharge per unit is calculated for shipments to France, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Ireland. GLS Netherlands charges € 1.- per unit (pallet/block-pallet, etc.)

The rates, as announced by the Belgian government, can be found below. Please note that this does not reflect the surcharge passed on to customers, since shipments will be transported and delivered in combination with others.

 Flanders, Wallonia (excl. VAT)
Brussels motorway
Brussels urban area*
€/km3,5 - 12 ton12 - 32 ton> 32 ton3,5 - 12 ton12 - 32 ton> 32 ton
Euro 00,1460,1960,2000,1880,2630,292
Euro 10,1460,1960,2000,1880,2630,292
Euro 20,1460,1960,2000,1880,2630,292
Euro 30,1260,1760,1800,1630,2380,267
Euro 40,0950,1450,1490,1320,2070,236
Euro 50,0740,1240,1280,1090,1840,213
Euro 60,0740,1240,1280,0990,1740,203

*Urban area: all local and regional roads that are not major motorways.

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