Returns made easy with GLS


The shoes are the wrong size or the ordered jeans don’t fit. There is one simple solution: Returning the parcel to the sender, of course.

Many companies make it easy to return parcels – they book the special service of GLS.

This means the parcel includes a return label for returning the parcel if necessary. The return label might also be sent later by e-mail. The recipient just has to attach the label, hand over the parcel at any GLS ParcelShop, and GLS takes care of the rest.

In case no (working) printer is available, it is even possible to provide the parcel with a handwritten adress and ShopReturn-code.

Can parcels be returned without a return label?

Without a return label parcels still can be returned via a GLS ParcelShop, but the ParcelShop prices will apply. Receipts for the cost of returns should be kept for contact with the vendor.

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