Dispatch systems

Optimally connected: Data management systems nowadays need to be fast, reliable and integrated. GLS customers have access to state-of-the-art and standardised yet adaptable dispatch systems for all requirements and volumes.

LabelLite Online

Online dispatching for parcels, freight and express

LabelLite Online is the password-protected web portal of GLS Netherlands – with all the tools you need to dispatch your parcels or freight quickly and easily. Users can log in via the website. No additional software is needed.

Ideal for companies who:

  • send parcels or freight occasionally
  • regularly dispatch up to 20 consignments a day


Manage shipment for parcels, freight and express

LabelLite is a software package that supports the entire dispatch preparation. You can forward parcel, express and freight orders directly to GLS and book optional value-added services for your shipments. With LabelLite, it is also possible to generate parcel labels including the 2D barcode.

All dispatch data can be easily transmitted into the GLS system with just one click.

Ideal for companies who:

  • regularly dispatch up to 500 consignments per day


Connect the GLS functionalities to your system

The GLS API (Application Programming Interface) is a free to use dispatch solution to connect GLS functionalities to your own system. This implementation requires some development skills, but offers many advantages. For example, it offers the possibility to print labels and send all dispatch data automatically to GLS. The GLS API makes the installation of external software obsolete and is suitable for every company, regardless the system or the shipping volumes.

Ideal for companies who:

  • want to (further) improve their processes
  • don´t want to use external software