Donation initiative for Hotel Heppie

Heppie News 22/02/2018

GLS Netherlands has been supporting the Hotel Heppie of the ‘Het Vergeten Kind’ foundation, which makes holidays possible for socially isolated children, since spring 2017. Now an additional donation has been made.

Doing good as motivation: for each percentage of the staff who took part in the recent employee survey, GLS donated a specified amount to Hotel Heppie. GLS used the total sum to donate four brand-new go-karts to the children being cared for.

Making help possible

Last year, Heppie organised a total of 37 holiday camps and 64 weekends for around 1,700 children and adolescents. GLS made a financial contribution for transportation from home to the Hotel and, furthermore, for bus rides to adventure parks, waterparks and other similar fun trips. This allowed more than 100 rides to take place. GLS also covered all of Heppie’s transportation needs, for example of donated toys or equipment for campaigns, free of charge.

Socially sustainable

The Heppie project wants to offer prospects to children and adolescents who are growing up with traumatic experiences, constant worry and problems. A holiday or weekend away gives them the chance to be children again and enjoy good experiences. It is all about positive attention, playing and having fun.

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