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GLS invests in European network

Expanded capacities for the peak season: in the last twelve months the GLS Group has invested more than 100 million euros into the development of its European network.

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Rotterdam depot expanded

GLS has almost doubled parcel and freight handling capacities at its largest depot in the Netherlands, with total investment amounting to 5.9 million euros.

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Possible limited deliveries due to the Four Days Marches Nijmegen

From 18 July until 21 July shipments can be delayed due to the Four Days Marches in the Nijmegen region.

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International FlexDeliveryService expanded

GLS now offers its flexible delivery service between 12 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. In this area, online shoppers receive information in advance about parcel delivery and can play a role in deciding where and when they receive their goods ordered abroad.

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GLS acquires Postal Express

The GLS Group bought regional US overnight parcel delivery company Postal Express Inc.

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GLS Netherlands supports Heppie Hotel

Heppie holidays are offered to socially isolated children and youngsters. During these holidays the children can be child again and gather valuable experience. GLS now sponsors the Heppie activities of the foundation ‘Het Vergeten Kind’, helping both financially and as a transport partner.

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Limited delivery due to carnival

Public celebrations affect GLS deliveries in provinces of Brabant and Limburg.

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