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Limited delivery due to carnival

Public celebrations affect GLS deliveries in provinces of Noord-Brabant and Limburg.

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Delays due to Peak Season

A small percentage of the parcels which were planned to be delivered today, will have a maximum delay of one day.

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GLS also delivers on Saturday 2 december

It is possible that your parcel is delayed because of increased shipment volumes. Therefore, GLS will also deliver parcels on Saturday 2 December.

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GLS Group renews and expands certification

The ISO certificates for quality and environmental management at the GLS Group have been renewed for the next three years. GLS has also achieved GDP certification for the transportation of medicinal products in two more countries.

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GLS invests in European network

Expanded capacities for the peak season: in the last twelve months the GLS Group has invested more than 100 million euros into the development of its European network.

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Rotterdam depot expanded

GLS has almost doubled parcel and freight handling capacities at its largest depot in the Netherlands, with total investment amounting to 5.9 million euros.

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Possible limited deliveries due to the Four Days Marches Nijmegen

From 18 July until 21 July shipments can be delayed due to the Four Days Marches in the Nijmegen region.

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