Current information on the Corona virus

GLS Netherlands follows the general guidelines and instructions set by the RIVM and other Dutch authorities.

Regarding the Corona virus we are constantly working to ensure the health and safety within the distribution process. From consignor, GLS employees and drivers to the recipient.

Delivery from driver to recipient

Although it has been stated that the corona virus cannot be transmitted via the delivery of parcels and freight, we have chosen to exclude contact via hand scanners as much as possible. Instead of a signature from the recipient the delivery driver will capture the first and last name of the recipient as well as the last three characters of a valid proof of identity (such as a passport, ID card or driver’s license).

Collection by recipient at a GLS ParcelShop

With the FlexDeliveryService or after receiving a Notification card a delivery at a GLS ParcelShop can be chosen. To avoid contact when collecting the parcel, the recipient can confine onself to mention the personal five-digit GLS ID-code to the ParcelShop employee received by e-mail and/or SMS. When entered correct this will replace a signature.

Delivery with deposit service

With the FlexDeliveryService or after receiving a Notification card the recipient can give their consent to leave a parcel at a specifically described location.

We ask our customers and recipients to respect the circumstances of our employees. Together we can guarantee the continuity of our distribution during this crisis.

The latest updates on deliveries throughout Europe can be found on our website .