Parcel and express network

With 15 depots and one hub, GLS Netherlands is always close to its customers throughout the country.
The central hub is located in Utrecht. Thanks to the dense national network GLS can offer reliable parcel dispatch within the Netherlands in a standard delivery time of 24 hours and even quicker transportation of express shipments.

Express delivery

Integrated express network

GLS Netherlands uses its dense parcel network for express consignments as well. The express parcels are sorted and transported by GLS with priority. A domestic express shipment will reach its destination before 17.00 on the next working day. GLS customers in the Netherlands can choose the TimeDefiniteService for express deliveries before 9.00 or 12.00.

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ParcelShop delivery

Parcel services for everyone

GLS offers high-quality parcel dispatch in the Netherlands not only to senders who frequently ship many parcels. Companies who only send parcels occasionally and private senders can also send parcels with GLS Netherlands via one of the over 700 GLS ParcelShops.

The GLS ParcelShops can also serve as a pick-up point if the sender has chosen the ShopDeliveryService or the FlexDeliveryService of GLS. Recipients can choose a GLS ParcelShop to which they would like GLS to deliver the parcel. The recipients are notified when the parcel has arrived and can pick it up at their convenience. If the first delivery attempt was unsuccessful, the recipients also have the possibility to choose the delivery to a GLS ParcelShop online.

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