GLS collects Euro pallets from the sender and exchanges them with the same number of Euro pallets in return.

Exchange is possible for both full and empty pallets. The pallets are first counted and afterwards loaded into the truck. Usually, the exchange can be done immediately by the GLS driver.

Euro pallets to countries other than the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany are not exchanged, but are deducted from the “to return” stock on request.

The entire exchange is documented on the CMR waybill, which both parties sign. All exchanges made are visible in the ERP system the same evening.

  • Easy and convenient pallet management
  • Balance report twice a week
  • Returns to even out the exchange balance can be done on a fixed date or on regular days

Bookable for:


The basic product for national freight delivery.


The basic product for international freight delivery.


The freight solution for special customer needs.


Freight delivery before 17.00 the next working day – in Luxembourg and Belgium