The ADR* transport within Luxembourg and Belgium is possible with GLS subject to prior arrangement with the relevant GLS depot. Trained employees are available to advise senders to their ADR transports.

Excluded from hazardous goods shipment are extremely hazardous substances, such as radioactive, explosive, infectious or highly poisonous substances.

  • Nationwide shipment of approved hazardous goods
  • ADR transport easy to arrange
  • Detailed advice and coordination by trained employees

*European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Hazardous Goods by Road

Classes of hazardous goods approved for shipment with GLS*

2GasesClassification code 1-3, 4F and toxic gases
3Flammable liquids 
4.1Flammable solidsClassification code SR and FO
5.1Flammable (oxidising) substancesPackaging group I and classification codes O3, OT1, OF, OS, OW, OTC
8Corrosive substances 
9Other hazardous substances and itemsClassification code M1 to M3 and M8 to M10

*according to Appendices A and B of the ADR and the Regulations for the Carriage of Hazardous Goods by Road, Rail and Ship (GGVSEB).

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