Fuel surcharge

GLS charges a fuel surcharge because rising crude oil prices have a significant
impact on the price of transport, and therefore also on parcel delivery costs.

GLS Lorry on a country road

How it works

GLS Ireland has introduced a flexible diesel fuel surcharge as of 1st April 2006. It means that the surcharge adjusts to rising or falling diesel fuel prices.

The surcharge is based on the AA Roadwatch prices and subject to monthly updates. The current fuel surcharge is disclosed separately and transparently in invoices.

Surcharge (%)Diesel price (€/L)Surcharge (%)Diesel price (€/L)
0.500.787 to 0.8371.000.838 to 0.888
1.500.889 to 0.9392.000.940 to 0.990
2.500.991 to 1.0413.001.042 to 1.092
3.501.093 to 1.1434.001.144 to 1.194
4.501.195 to 1.2455.001.246 to 1.296
5.501.297 to 1.3476.001.348 to 1.398
6.501.399 to 1.4497.001.450 to 1.500
7.501.501 to 1.5518.001.551 to 1.600
8.501.601 to 1.6509.001.651 to 1.700
9.501.701 to 1.750

For more information on current average fuel prices please visit the AA roadwatch website.