Truck toll

The Hungarian government has levied truck tolls – since July 1, 2013 on motorways, highways and on main roads.

According to the Állami Autópálya Zrt ( ) vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes maximum weight are required to pay the toll. This includes almost all long-haul trucks and trailers used to transport parcels to distribution centres and depots in the GLS network.

The distance related fee depends on the following: the type of road the vehicle uses (highway, speedway, motorway or country road), the number of axles and the emission class.

Calculation of the truck toll

GLS Hungary passes on the truck toll partially to its customers. In order to make the truck toll calculation easier, GLS Hungary has applied a simplified and unified structure. For every domestic parcel, GLS Hungary charges a surcharge of net HUF 6 per kilogramme. For every export parcel the surcharge is net HUF 12 per kilogramme. The surcharge is disclosed separately and transparently on invoices. ParcelShop prices already include the charge.

Surcharge truck toll for domestic parcelsHUF 6 per kg
Surcharge truck toll for export parcelsHUF 12 per kg